That dreaded double B word.  GASP!  You know how it goes.  It’s summer, and everyone is all worried about getting that bikini body that they know will get the attention of “the one”.  “The one” they have been waiting there whole life for.  You know, all 27 dreadfully long years of there life.  But then they sit back and think about that body that has maybe changed a little bit.  It’s not the same 17 year old body it was in High School.  Maybe it’s changed because you’ve had a kid, or maybe you’ve had 5 kids.  Maybe you have some external scars from a surgery, or from an unexpected C-Section that you couldn’t prepare for.  You’ve tried all the “fad” diets and workout until you can’t workout anymore and you’ve even starting eating and drinking your vegetables for every meal of every day only to no avail.   Nothing works, you’ve tried it all and are exhausted with your results.  Then you have to ask yourself A BIKINI?  Really.  Is “the one” only going to be interested in me because of my Bikini body?  Then you think about it from a different perspective and it all comes together in a mere instant.  One Piece Swimsuits are making a comeback!  They’re the new thing.

Then we have to sit back and ask ourselves, are one pieces coming back because we are in a society of people being more sensitive then they have ever been before and we have to be super PC? (that means politically correct, or super watered down if you don’t know)  What if one pieces are coming back because that’s what people want these days?  Call me old fashioned but one thing I have learned since being married at a young age is that my body is special, almost Holy.  I like to call it a temple.  It’s the body that has been given to me and to my spouse and we get to share that with each other.  It’s special, the way it’s supposed to be.  I know, I’m ruffling some feathers and some people may think I’m just that old conservative Christian lady who is super strict and wants her daughter to be a nun.  If that’s what my daughter wants to do, I would support it, however my goal is to just challenge some thinking caps.  Think about things that maybe we have never thought about before.

What about the culture of today, the culture of social media, and everything easily accessible and available at our fingertips society.  We almost have to be more conscious than ever before on what image we portray and what light people see us in.  I had to take a step back and really think about the “pornographic” world we live in today.  The stats are crazy(seriously, go look it up)  I always want to make sure that I don’t add any fuel to an already “visual” world.  Guys are visual.  If you ever read Every Man’s Battle, they talk about it.  It’s not called some men’s battle, it’s EVERY MAN’S BATTLE.  Once they see something they can never “unsee” it, no matter how hard they try.  Even if they try to “bounce,” it’s still there.

So if we think about it, are bikini’s all over social media and at the local pool really the best option for that 13 year old hormonal boy.  He’s going to see that and then it all begins.  The google searching, the inappropriate magazines start getting hid under the bed, the things that his little innocent eyes shouldn’t see but do.  He can’t unsee it.  In 3 years when he wants to date, is he going to fall in love with a girl for who she is on the inside, or is he going to fall in love with a girl for what he sees on the outside and compare it to that 25 year old girl he saw at the pool 3 years earlier who hasn’t gotten baby birthing hips yet, and looks like a barbie doll.  Let’s not forget about the non hormonal boys who will be hormonal one day and all the programming they will have by the time they turn 13.

Is that the comparison we want to see for our future generation?   The girls with a self image based off of the girls they see at the pool who’s boobs look different then theirs, or maybe they have a little bit more fat around the midsection than those other girls do.  Do we really want to explain to our daughters that what they see at the pool isn’t a relative comparison to them.  Why should they have to even think about that and worry about that at a young age?  They should be playing sports, dancing, singing, and enjoying life.  Not worrying about what their body looks like compared to everyone they see out there.

I’m not anti bikini, but I do challenge you to think before posting.  Are we really making the right choices in what we wear and how we conduct ourselves and what people see us wearing on social media?  I am making a vow to not feed the monster, the “visual” monster.  I want to do my part to help raise up the next generation and help them treat people better and see people for who they are not how they look.  Remember girls, you are BEYOUTIFUL and it’s what’s on the inside that counts. 🙂  Keep that in mind when you’re looking for “the one”.

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